Rosenthal Announced

Honorary Citizen of the Year

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He never stops working. He is unbelievable. You can’t imagine how many hours he puts in, all the work he does.

Bob Williams, Williams True Value Hardware, Poultney VT

The Stonebridge Inn, the wonderful building, is because of him and grants. That is why we have that beautiful building in town... He’s effected a lot of change in the community and we are much better off for having him here. Town managers usually don’t last this long in any community. That in and of itself is a testament to him.

Patricia McCoy, Poultney Town Clerk

That’s mostly Jonas going out and getting community and youth involvement. I just don’t think we would have the [recreation] program we have today if it wasn’t for him.

Sheryl Porrier, Poultney Recreation Program

He is cost conscious and people sensitive in his approach to solving problems and is adept at successfully completing work assignments.

Dave Lewis, State of Montana

He’s just there for everybody when he needs to be. He lives, sleeps and breathes this community.”

Wayne Tracey, Poultney Village Public Works Superintendent

Jonas has been engaged in several projects that deal with local government finance and management and has handled them with the kind of balance and dedication that have brought very positive results to the important customer, the taxpayer.

Newell Anderson, State of Montana

He is consistently well informed, adaptable, personable, intelligent and willing to work objectively on any schedule to accomplish an appropriate task.

George Turman, Montana Lieutenant Governor

Without exception he has exhibited conscientiousness, attention to details and the professional demeanor necessary to complete all required tasks.

Jerry Tavegia, State of Montana

His intelligence, resourcefulness, and the ability to organize and manage the program made it the best in the state. His fiscal responsibility and key knowledge of investments was invaluable.

Dan Klusman, Theatre Operators of Bozeman, Montana

Jonas has demonstrated he can meet deadlines and carry a heavy workload. [He] has also been responsible for staffing state level committees, which has given him experience in staffing committees and getting diverse interests to work as a committee.

Gene Huntington, State of Montana